The Dog

Good Morning, Chicken Little. 

Let’s start this post by showing you some videos and giving you an end-of-school wrap up. 

The latest 1 Second Everyday Video:
March 2017: play dates, Social Justice Days at my school and Rainier Beach HS, some skiing and showshoeing, Immigrant Rights Day, and some screen time. 

April 2017: biking, NCTM in San Antonio, Passover with the grandparents in DC, the Jacob Lawrence exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, and Cousin Tessa’s wedding in New Orleans.


May 2017: Pittsburgh for Project Zero, U2 Concert, “more carbonite” pretending with the Star Wars figures, a treat at Grumpy D’s Coffee House after you willingly went to swimming lessons, cabin time, solar panel installations, and Guemes Island over Memorial Day.

What you’re doing these days:

You cut a fruit leather wrapper with your scissors and you use a knife now to cut your steakey and chicken. 

The Dog: I carry around a notebook to keep my lists, sketches, and notes for school and life. Sometimes you tear out a page from it and draw on it. For this drawing, you had me open up my notebook to a blank page and then told me to leave you alone. When I came back, this is what you’d drawn…..a dog. This is the first truly representation of something that actually resembles what you said it does, and it blew me away. This dog will be what I remember as your first breakthrough step out of random scribbles into something that is recognizable.

You’re recognizing letters, biking in the scoot, helping cook mixing cracking eggs, and you LOVE the Disney book we got at Costco, which has short stories of dozens of Disney stories. Your favorite, which also happens to be Mommy’s least favorite, is Pinnocchio!

You can put your velcro shoes and socks on all by yourself. 

Here’s an exchange between us that makes it clear how I’ve overloaded you with Star Wars stories:

Nana and Poppop brought you a baby doll in June because you had been asking about it. Then you named it “Kropadoc Kobeshau.”

Cousin Tessa got married in New Orleans in April, and you were invited to be a flower girl! You performed your part without any fuss. We played Hide and Seek and catch with a Beanie babie in the airport in Seattle to keep you amused, but the plane ride was tough; your headphones kept falling off and it was hard for you to sit through any movie or show for twenty minutes. Here are some pics from the wedding.  

Here are some random Crosberry memories I wrote down during the Spring of 2017……

One night when Mommy was the one to take you to swimming, you came home early and were sent to bed without supper because you refused to go in the pool. 

A quote from Mommy: “Do not lick the ground!”

You had some questions about God, and you wanted to know if Grammy Nell is with God now?

We had this conversation on the bike:

You: “If you like pink, then you are a girl. If you like green, you are a boy.”
Me: “Mommy’s favorite color is green”
You, after a long pause: “Then Mommy is a boy.”

“Do you not understand, Daddy?”

“If you come out of an egg you don’t have a belly button.”

In my life these days:
One of my summer goals this year is to tile the backyard and make it more of a patio. I’ve been doing some research and think I can get it done and still have it look good.

I made the Seattle team this year to compete in the Ultimate Frisbee Grandmasters National Championships! It was a big goal of mine and I’m very proud to be on the team.

Mommy and I are going to Banff in the summer while you go to see Gaga and Grandpa in Illinois. 

In the news:

I’m going to pass on this section right now. There are so many controversies that I read in the news that it depresses me. The most depressing one for me lately has been Trump de-pledging the US’s name out of the Paris Climate Accord. 

A summary of a book or podcast I liked:

My Beloved Journey, by Sonya Sotomayor. I had this book on my list after hearing Justice Sotomayor host a Death, Sex, and Money Podcast. She talks about her struggle growing up with an alcoholic father as well as stigmas with diabetes. 

It feels so good to finally wrap up Spring 2017, little one, even thought it is cut short. I’ve been busy living life with you, going to swimming lessons, riding on the bike, reading books, and running around that it has been a long time between posts. Talk to you soon in the Summer 2017 post.

Love, Daddy

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