Math in Art, Technology, and History

Thank you for your interest in Math in Art, Technology, and History. There are many connections between Math and Art, Music, Origami, Fractals, The Golden Ratio, and Tessellations…..Please share them by using #artofmath on Twitter. 

I’d like nothing more than to connect with you and work on developing resources for these potential-rich connections to Math. If you wish to contact me, my e-mail is Here is my 2017 NCTM Presentation Slideshow.   (pdf version) 

Math in Art, Technology, and History is a class that is primarily for senior high school students who have passed Algebra 2, but who desire something other than the typical Pre-Calculus or AP Statistics path. M.A.T.H. explores the interesting things in Math that normally don’t come up in traditional math classes. Click on the sub-pages to see activities, student work, and resources for some of the units in a M.A.T.H. class.

Twitter: @davidmpeabody
YouTube: David Peabody

Here are the slides with my narration:

Here’s the proof for How the square sheet of origami paper becomes a Golden Rectangle

Here’s Vi Hart’s Video that shared the idea of making a mathematically accurate flower. 

Check out Vi Hart’s Website on for some more amazing videos.

Here’s the handout to the “Mathematically Correct Flower”

Mathematically Correct Flower NCTM 2017

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