Activities in Tessellations:

1. Make a tessellation using the PART-TRAP method explained in http://www.tessellations.org/methods-diy-papercut.shtml
2. Find out which polygons tessellate, which ones don’t, and why they do and don’t tessellate.
3. Create a tessellation using rectangles and paddy paper.
4. Create a tessellation using congruent scalene triangles or non-regular quadrilaterals.
5. Create a rectangle tessellation using only translations.
6. Create a parallelogram tessellation that uses rotations.
7. Create a hexagon tessellation that uses rotations.
8. Create a Penrose tiling using darts and arrows (from scratch or Geometer’s Sketchpad.
9. Students take pictures of real-life tessellations. We had a lot of fun with these….tessellations are plentiful.

Student Work”






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